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Sanders and Associates provides comprehensive government relations services including strategic consulting, lobbying, and issue management. We pride ourselves on our historic good will and good name throughout Georgia's public affairs arena. 


The firm maintains a daily presence at the Georgia State Capitol as we monitor, impact, and advocate at all levels of policy, budget, legislative, regulatory, and political activity.  We offer custom solutions that are specific to each client's needs, and have strategic partnerships with some of the state's largest and most respected law firms, public relations professionals, and political / grassroots experts. 


Sanders and Associates enjoys unsurpassed access to key policy makers in the executive and legislative branches of government, and understands the value of trusted relationships, hard work, and integrity whenever and wherever business meets government in Georgia.


Sanders and Associates provides government relations counsel and strategy for economic development projects in the state of Georgia. From site selection to intelligence gathering, our firm provides keen insight into the policy playmakers and government agencies at the center of economic development in the state. From developing dynamic public affairs and communications strategies to creating political branding, Sanders and Associates delivers client-specific solutions to create lasting government partnerships that ensure project success far beyond groundbreaking ceremonies.  


Sanders and Associates has a long history of success in assisting corporate clients in winning government contracts to provide necessary  goods and services to the citizens of Georgia. 


Such public - private partnership success stories include winning bids for:

   - mission critical technology projects

   - human service delivery systems

   - employee health benefit programs

   - "best in class" business solutions

   - leading edge transportation infrastructure


Let us assist your company in partnering with the State by providing keen strategic counsel, unique client positioning, exceptional access to key decision makers, and unparalleled ongoing customer stewardship.

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